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I've been showing a prototype of this game at conferences lately, and I think one of the issues was that it was TOO difficult and unforgiving.  I am an experienced Minesweeper player (since Windows 95!), and I almost always play on Expert mode in Windows, so sometimes my opinion of the difficulty can be a bit skewed.  I did think the version I've been showing off was a little much, so I scaled back so that I felt it was more winnable.  Still challenging, yes, but not setting the player up for failure.

I also increased the dollar amount of winnings.  It feels like more "fun" and risk that way (although of course, it's still in-game money, not real money).  So hopefully, now the demo is more fun, and less frustrating.  Let me know what you think, please!


CasinoSweeper-Prototype Demo- 2 MB
Dec 02, 2017
CasinoSweeper-Default-1.0.4.apk 8 MB
Dec 02, 2017
Casino Sweeper html Play in browser
Dec 02, 2017

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